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Johnny Tremain: The Book That Captures Johnny Tremain is the main character from the book of the same name, which is one of my favorites, by Esther Forbes. In the beginning of the long yet arresting book, Johnny is very prideful. He was an apprentice to the well-known silversmith, Mr. Lapham, and was the most prized out of three apprentices. As Johnny began to work in the shop, Mr. Lapham soon realized that he was born to be a silversmith. Johnny, knowing how prized and amazing he was at his job, was bossy and mean towards most in the family, even Mr. Lapham. Because of how prideful he was, Johnny would defend himself to anybody that insulted him, which, in my opinion, caused him to not care when he made fun of someone. In the book, Dove, another apprentice, tricked Johnny and caused him to burn his hand with silver. The hand became…show more content…
As he soon realized, Johnny could not work almost any other job, except for jobs he did not care for, like butchering. Soon after, he stopped living with the Lapham’s and set out on his own. Finally, Johnny found work at the Boston Observer, which was a newspaper press. He delivered papers, and because the Boston Observer was involved in the Sons of Liberty, a patriotic rebellious group, he almost acted as a spy. It was extremely hard to learn to ride horse-back with a crippled hand, but as he learned it taught him patience. As stated above, the Boston Observer was very into politics and was known as a Whig paper. While working there, Johnny learned to be patriotic and to stand for what was right. His crippled hand taught him one other thing; it taught him to be less proud. Rab, the quiet yet strong nephew of the printing press’ owner, also taught him to be more patient by example. Rab also taught him that there is no point in causing fights with other people, or creating enemies. These were a few of the qualities that Johnny learned as these events came across his

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