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Pacettas Rules for Leadership Kevin J American Military University Frank Pacetta had a lot of native talent but he squandered it in his early years with Xerox (Pacetta p.12). Luckily for Xerox and himself, he was never fired and received the training and mentorship that he needed to morph into the type of leader who would take charge of a failing district and turn it into one of the top performers in the country. Mr. Pacettas parents were a large influence on him as a person but also as a leader and boss. His mother had to take care of his brother who was handicap and he heard stories about how great of a boss his father was. Mr. Pacetta would take the never quit attitude from his mother and the business and people savvy of his father and combine them to make one outstanding mentor and leader. Mr. Pacetta did not try and reinvent the wheel when it came to the leadership principles that he adopted to become a successful leader. Here are just a few of Mr. Pacettas leadership traits, what they mean and how they are applicable in a military environment. He is a lead from the front person; he will not simply give orders and expect his minions to comply with them. He will go out and show them how to act and perform. That’s how military leaders need to be. I wanted to write about this one first because I think it is the most important leadership trait to have in a military environment. Unlike the business world, lives are literally at stake and if leaders do not show their soldiers how to perform their duties, people can and will die. Mr. Pacetta refers likens sales to the Infantry, its where the rubber meets the road and without sales a company cannot stay in business. For both jobs to function properly the leaders need to be very hands on, not micro managing but showing exactly how to succeed and more importantly, how to come home alive. Mr. Pacetta does not make

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