Adversity: Overcoming Obstacles In My Life

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Please describe in detail the adversities you indicated in Section 4. If your adversity is strictly financial need, please describe how your financial situation has been an obstacle in your life. Include what you have done to overcome and cope with these obstacles. (250-350 words) The life my parents have provided for me has always been a good life that I have no right to complain about. Descending from difficult households, both my parents moved from Mexico to the United States in hopes to build better lives for my brother and I. Living alone in a foreign country has never been easy, however. My parents have built our lives from scratch with no outside family support. When I was young, my dad was always switching from menial job to menial job in hopes of find something better. My mom always helped out as best she could, at times selling coke and candy to neighbors, but her primary concern was always taking care of her children. When my brother and I started school, she started working by cleaning houses, though. Over the years they have both always looked for ways to…show more content…
Without that, then there is no point in me even having a career. I plan to study psychology with a bit of a background in medicine while earning a Teacher’s Certification. The reason I want to be a psychologist is because lending a friendly ear and offering advice to people in hopes of helping out has always made me the happiest. Living a happy, peaceful life full of purpose is my main priority, so I hope to help others reach a state of happiness, peace, and self-purpose by being a psychologist. The reason I want to have a background in medicine (besides what I would already need to be a psychologist) is I plan to one day either work or volunteer for a crisis center helping out trauma victims. Lastly, I would like to reach out to kids someday when I grow a bit older and gain some wisdom which is my reason for seeking a Teacher’s

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