Indian Education By Sherman Alexie

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Journal Entry Indian Education by Sherman The article Indian Education written by Sherman Alexie is about an Indian boy who grew up going to a reservation school. He narrates his experience going through twelve grades of education. The story is comprised of several short vignettes from each year in school. Each vignette describes a brief encounter or memory, but encapsulates the narrator's impression at that age. I think the narrator is a strong, proud, not easily influenced, and stoic. The many events and experiences when he was so young made him a strong person inside. In this narrative, Sherman Alexie argues the fact that just because people have looked down upon you and judged you your entire life based upon race; it does not mean you cannot do something important with your life. I think the author hopes to get this message across and inspire people of his own race and other races to succeed even though no support is offered. The first audience is the Native American population. The second is anyone who has ever been looked down upon and is in need of a little inspiration, and the tired is the all of the people who have ever been condescending towards someone that is now succeeding in life. He chooses this format to show the pivotal moments in each year of his childhood when his attitude about life and his own potential changed. I think the word "fighter" is a very significant connotative in this passage. The story depicts Alexie’s childhood and how he had to fight against the Native American stereotypes and cruelty that was thrown at him in order to succeed in life and become the writer and person he is

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