Lesson In A Lesson Before Dying

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Life is like a test at all times and its only up to you to find the answers and learn from your choices. The most important lesson to learn before dying is to never give up and fight for yourself. In the novel "A Lesson Before Dying" this lesson is shown through the characters of Jefferson, Emma and Grant. Jefferson is an example of the lesson of fighting for yourself. Jefferson is a young black man who lives on a plantation and is doubted and thought of differently because of his skin colour and is out into jail under false charges, during court he is referred to as a hog. At first, he lets this define him as a person but after a few talks with Grant Wiggins he starts to stand up for himself as a black man. We begin to see this…show more content…
Grant is a middle aged black man who knows of all the racism in his community and he let's it's affect him by hating his life and almost everything in it. Grant is forced to visit Jefferson from his aunt and Emma. When Grant begins to visit Jefferson things don't go so well. After a certain visit Grant realizes that he wasn't so angry anymore and he couldn't stay mad at anything for long (Gaines 125). Also, Grant used to be a very hostile man and he didn't care for anything but from visiting Jefferson he started to care about his life and the things in it, he dedicated his whole self to helping Jefferson become a man and he would get into arguments defending his choices with his aunt even if she was very important to him and they never fought. This is greatly shown when Grant is on a visit with Jefferson along with his aunt, Emma and the reverend Grant talks to Jefferson and tells him how he needs him and how he is someone who can do so much while he cant, then he began to cry. This shows how Grant wants to make a change in his life. Grant is a person who goes from being miserable and only cares for himself into someone who can love other things in life and fights for
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