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25 October 2011 “King Gimp” As I watched the documentary on Dan I encountered two feelings, amazed and happy. I never saw anything in all my twenty five years of living more touching than his story. It’s amazing to see a young man with this disability actually live a normal live and attend college and graduate. The thought of me finishing college seems unreal but to know that Dan can do it really makes me want to push myself in the hardest way because I don’t have any excuse as to why I can’t graduate just like Dan did. Watching his story made me so happy because he was a fighter and he didn’t give up. You never heard him complaint, the only thing you heard him speak on was how teachers and other individuals didn’t believe in him what so ever. The comment in this documentary that stood out the most to me was when he stated that “they wanted my mother to put me in an institution but she wouldn’t give me up”. That statement alone let me know that not only did Dan believe in himself but his mother did as well. Sometimes we as individuals need that strong somebody to stand behind us and fight for us to make other people stand back and maybe look at the situation from a…show more content…
But as I viewed this story I got an understanding that prejudice can be based on an individual’s ability or disability. Everybody wasn’t bored to be normal but that doesn’t make then any different from anybody that is normal, because they are just as capable and success as the next person is. You must put yourself in other peoples’ shoes and treat them how you want to be treated because they have feelings just like you and everyone else. We are all humans it just that we were made differently. And despite how we were made it should be understood that we all should have an equal opportunity to live life normal and enjoy it without any

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