My Fathers Life

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My Father Life by Raymond Carver & Homecoming with Turtle by Junot Diaz The stories of both Raymond Carver’s father and Junot Diaz are stories of men who tried their best to do the right things for others yet someone managed to do the wrong things for themselves. Raymond Carver Seniors life was the life of a man and his family who had to experience struggle just to get through life, he always worked as a laborer and had both a drinking problem and an infidelity problem. Raymond Carver Senior after all of this was a noble man who tried his best to help out his family move to better circumstances and support his son’s dream of becoming a writer. The story of Junot Diaz’s trip was the story of a man and his girlfriend on a “doomed for disaster” trip. He starts off having to reveal his infidelity and ends up injured by a turtle shell decoration. Something that stands out with both men is their infidelity towards their companions and their companions slight “acceptance” towards it. For Raymond Carver Senior, it was completely normal to have more then one “girlfriend” and was like that even when him and Mrs. Carver met. She always knew he was never going to change and once said to Raymond Carver Junior, “Your dad always girlfriends, even after we married.” She said this to her son while explaining the way they met as well as telling him how even though her husband was not loyal to her, she was always loyal to him. Throughout the years Mrs. Carver would find women’s items in their car, but she would only merely complain about it and remained faithful to her husband until the day of his death. Junot Diaz was a lot like Raymond Carver Senior when it came to committing infidelity. Junot Diaz had to admit to infidelity after his “ex-sucia” found out he was going on a trip to Dominican Republic with his girlfriend, his “ex-sucia” then wrote an anonymous letter to his

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