Atticus Finch vs. Bob Ewell

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Atticus Finch vs. Bob Ewell William Dominguez The character of Atticus Finch and Bob Ewell as role models to their kids and others differ, both men are single fathers and this is very hard, it's harder than being a single parented mother because the mother has some sort of connection or care for the child. Some of the major differences between Atticus and Mr.Ewell are that Atticus cared about his family much more than Mr.Ewell did, so he was a good father. Atticus treated everyone equally including his children; Atticus treated them equally as shown on how his children can call him by his first name. Mr.Ewell is prejudice when it comes to anyone and no child should follow in his foot-steps but at the rate he is at, his children are. Atticus is a true caring father who always tries to be there for his family and always wants to take care of them well. He was always there whenever his children needed him and he defends his children always, even if it's to his sister Aunt Alexandria. Atticus always put his children first, they were his world and he always kept an eye on them, or chose another trustworthy person to do so. Mr.Ewell was totally opposite: he was obnoxious, only cared for himself and no one else, not even his family. Mr.Ewell never tried to be there for his children because it was said in court that he spent most of his time out of the house drinking. Although Atticus had Calpurnia to take care of his children, he was still always there for them but on the other hand, Mr.Ewell left his eldest daughter, Mayella, to take care of all his children. After all this, Mr.Ewell still abused Mayella and blamed Tom Robinson for abusing her, he is so selfish. This is a major difference because Atticus always put his children first other than the awful father Mr.Ewell who didn't love his family and didn't want them. Mr.Ewell never spent time with his children
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