Diferences Between the Finches and Ewells

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To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee Published in 1960 The Differences between the Ewell’s and the Finches Atticus Finch and Bob Ewell are the fathers of the two different families which I am comparing despite all the differences they do share some things in common. Both Atticus and Bob are single parents and are both involved in the court case of Tom Robinson, however on different opposing sides and they are both known well in their society. Both families were hit hard by the depression and had very little money or riches left on their family name, but apart from these few points the Ewells and the Finches couldn’t be any more different. Harper lee uses the differences between the Finch family and the Ewell family to expand on and to show the different themes of racism and prejudice in the novel. The Finches and the Ewells have very different family lives and have different views on how to look after children. Atticus tries to be fair and tries to do his best for his children unlike the Bob Ewell who doesn’t care, and whose children live in neglect and abuse. Atticus treats his children fairly, he never punishes them physically or hurts them, on page 62 Jem says ‘I- it’s like this scout, Atticus ain’t ever whipped me since I can remember’. Atticus won’t harm his children like Bob does, who beat Mayella. Atticus believes that beating is wrong and possibly gives them worse punishments like the time he sent Jem to say sorry to Mrs Dubose after Jem cut down all her flowers. If Atticus punishes the children, like when Scout punched her cousin Francis, Atticus explains why it was wrong. Atticus is caring towards his children and sees his role as a parent to look after them and bring them up well. We see that when both families where hit by the depression Atticus used his spare money to pay for education, food and clothes, unlike Bob who spends all

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