Short Story (Brother Dear, Cap For Steve)

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For many years authors have brilliantly incorporated the theme of sorrow and disempowerment as a consequence of the actions of others. Authors depict the reality of others doubt in people, even their family members, through their brutal and trust lacking actions. Through the short stories “Boys and Girls” by Alice Munro, “Brother Dear” by Bernice Friensen and “A Cap for Steve” written by Morley Callaghan the aspirations and desires of the main characters are not accepted by their fathers and also rejected by a more powerful authority. Not only are the characters not accepted but also relatives are thought to be more advantageous than then the key characters and although one character does not have a sibling, money overpowered his importance. Lastly, the fathers expectations of two characters does not align with the mothers, yet in one piece of literature the mother expected exactly what the father wished. The feeling of not conforming to societal and parental expectations and not being appreciated condemns youth into believing they are worthless and negatively affects their outlook on life. “Brother Dear” and “A Cap for Steve” both deal with the raw issue of parents not accepting children’s ambitions in life. The two main characters have different goals yet both goals resembled the life that they wish to live at that time. Greg, from the short story “Brother Dear,” does not desire to attend university and become a man of business yet that is all his father wants for him. Greg thought that “some things are more important” (Friesen 30) but his father is blinded by his mindset of thinking university is the key to living correctly. Although Steve’s father, Dave, from “A Cap for Steve” does not wish for his son to be dedicated to schooling, he does long for Steve to be dedicated to earning money for the families meagre income. Steve is passionate about baseball, just
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