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Joanne He English 26 10/10/12 Professor A. The Sandkings Hundreds of thousand years ago, people started subjugating the animals by turning them into behaved pets that won’t harm human. According to an essay published on Pets Adviser, insects are popular pets because they are easy to keep. (Do Insects Make Good Pets?) So we have the responsibilities to take good care of our pets because we are theirs powerful gods who determine their fates. Since our pets will become the friendly buddies of the families, we should treat them more nicely because they also have feelings like us. I think we should respect every creature that lives in the plane because they have their rights to live better when we take care of them well. In "Sandkings",…show more content…
The book states that "When he finally returned, all the fish were death. So was the carrion hawk. The shambler had climbed up to the belfry and eaten it."(Martin 244) Regarding of the destinies of his pervious pets had, I think he will starve his sandkings too. I felt angry about how Kress' irresponsibilities that caused his pets died in a famine because owners have the duties to feed their pets well. Since the beginning of the story told me about Kress was such irrepressible of making his pets suffered from starving, I think he would feel no guilty when he stopped feeding his sandkings to entertain his guests as he showed off to them in the parties. I think Kress was admirable as a human because everyone should not strew up animals' living areas as forcing fish to live on the ground. In the story of "Sandkings", Kress refused to listen to the sandkings' seller - Wo's warning about letting sandkings had wars by their own conflicts, and he didn't treat his pets nice. With what he treated the sandkings, they started behaving displeasures by twisted his sculptures on the castles. I think it was a sign to lead the sandkings revenging him at last because Kress was pissed off, which the book states "'You dare,' he said under his breath. 'Now you won't eat for a week, you damn ...'"(Martin 256) then in the next week, he didn't feed sandkings, and he…show more content…
Even though the sandkings enslaved Kress after they found him near the house, I think Kress didn't earn enough punishment. He has the evil spirit inside his body which obliterated his humanity when he let the shamble happened in his final party. I think Kress' inability led him had a cruel characteristic like sandkings had when he followed his pets order. His inhuman actions costed his pets revenged him and killed his friends in the party. Therefore, it is reasonable for Kress to be order a death penalty to pay off the crimes he made to

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