Sweet or Sour Parents? Essay

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Angiri Valderrama Page 1 English 101 Date: Dec 2,2012 Sweet or Sour Parents? Why strict parents raised better kids??? Well they do because from an early age the established house rules and standard where they expect their child’s to put family first than any social engagement. Having some sore of list of rules gives a child boundaries such as not yelling, no smoking, no certain kind of clothing, no lying etc. Being a strict parent doesn’t meant that they will be inrespecfull or abuse towards their child, not at all. When I talk about children’s having strict parents, I refer that now in this day’s kids need attention, support from their parents to make sure that the fill the expectations that later they will need in life. Let’s be realistic, when kids have a good foundation in the house and they have a lovely environment, kid’s tent to become respectful and lovely with their parents and others outside the household. Being a strict parent can be very upset and annoying for children’s growing up, but eventually when they grow old they will appreciate it. Page 2 A soft parent that is never home, because she/he is a single parent and they are too busy working or too tired to spent time with their child, this child is not going to know many of the basics for taking care of her/him self. This is a clear example in how you are enabling your child, creating unnecessary challenges. Too much freedom can make a child helpless and irresponsible; this is a fact that obviously with led them to become drug addicts, early pregnancy or even murders.

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