What Is True Family?

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What is a True Family? Belonging has nothing to do with blood. In reality, our blood may be what links us to our families, but our loyalty may only lie with our closest friends. ‘The Outsiders’ is a book about a gang of teenage boys called ‘The Greasers’ who have to try to stick together through thick and thin and be their own family when they have none. Through the character of Johnny Cade and his ‘Greaser family’, S. E. Hinton shows that sometimes water is just as thick as blood. Johnny Cade has difficulties with his family, his home life, and his fear of the ‘Socs’ after being jumped. Therefore, he has to rely on his closest buddies to be there for him when his blood relatives aren’t. At the end of Chapter three, after Ponyboy gets hit by Darry, he goes to find Johnny in the park, where they discuss how they relate with their families. This is the first and only point in the book where Johnny explains how much he cares about how his parents treat him and that he wishes they would love him. Johnny says, “I think I like it better when the old man's hittin' me." Johnny sighed. "At least then I know he knows who I am. I walk in that house, and nobody says anything. I walk out, and nobody says anything. I stay away all night, and nobody notices. At least you got Soda. I ain't got nobody." Through this quote we see that Johnny wishes that he had loving and caring parents. He isn’t angry. He just wants to have an actual family. This is also the only part of the text were we see Johnny’s relationship with his dad and it’s the first time he really speaks openly with anyone about his thoughts on family issues. We also understand that, although Johnny wishes he had a family (connected by blood) who loved him and cared about him, he loves his friends more. He is ready to help them and, as shown through his actions when he
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