Argument Essay on Profession of Arms

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Is The United States Army a Profession of Arms A profession is a calling, and those who serve in the United States Army are answering that call. Yes, it is a livelihood but it goes far beyond a simple occupation or “what you do” for a living. A true profession meets certain criteria; it is a way of thinking (Expertise), a way of behaving (Ethics), and a way of growing (Development). In short, it’s a way of life, not just a job or a lifestyle. General Douglas MacArthur stated, “Yours is the profession of arms, the will to win, the sure knowledge that in war there is no substitute for victory, that if you lose, the Nation will be destroyed, that the very obsession of your public service must be duty, honor, country. First, professionals are who and what they are because they acquire expertise. They produce uniquely expert work, not routine or repetitive work. Doctors, Lawyers and Soldiers all share in this unique responsibility. Effectiveness, rather than pure efficiency, is the key to the work of professionals—the sick want a cure, the accused want exoneration, and the defenseless seek security. “I am an expert and I am a professional” (the ninth statement of The Soldier’s Creed) eludes to our duty as soldiers to know our job and be able to perform it under any circumstance imaginable without hesitation or question. Second, professionals are capable of making judgment calls, applying their skills and reaching informed decisions in situations that the general public cannot, because they have not received the relevant training. Professions create their own standards of performance and codes of ethics to maintain their effectiveness. One of the examples of professional ethics is the Hippocratic Oath to which medical doctors adhere to. The Army Ethic is the collection of values, beliefs, ideals, and principles held by the Army Profession and embedded

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