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Ethics Assignment – Brandon Tedder ACSM – American College of Sports Medicine American college of sports medicine (ACSM) code of ethics states the principles of ethical behavior that should be followed when training athletes. ACSM considerers themselves advocates for athletes health and performance. Code of ethics is also intended to establish and maintain high standards of professionalism for the sports medicine profession. ACSM promotes members to continuously improve knowledge, skill, and collaborate professionally with high standards. ACSM does a fantastic job protecting the public’s interest first, but the members of the college closely second. Examples of the publics’ interest include, maintaining confidentiality of personal medical information, be treated or trained with the upmost care. A, Section 4, says it best, “The ideals of the College imply that the responsibilities of each Fellow or member extend not only to the individual, but also to society with the…show more content…
It is comprehensive because it reflects the colleges’ values throughout the sections, gives procedures dealing with improper conduct, and provides guidelines for principles of ethical behaviors. The code of ethics is specific on ethical principles, public disclosure and discipline procedures. ACSM lists out numerous high ethical standards that will be maintained by its members, in which case these standards are not upheld, specific disciplinary actions will follow. ACSM enforces the code ethics to its members of the college through their board of trustees. The board or trustees may discipline, suspend, or recommend termination following an affirmative vote of two thirds to a member of the college for improper conduct. Overall the ACSM code of ethics is written to uphold the highest ethical standards of the college and to outline the mission, core values and the standards to which the members will be

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