A Victim Of Self-Destructiveness

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A Victim of self destructiveness What leads a person to self destructiveness? The play Fences by August Wilson is about the character Troy Maxson who believed in self created illusions which leads to many conflicts with friends and family. In the play Fences, August Wilson creates the character Troy Maxson who is a victim of self destructiveness because of past actions, conflict with family, living in the past, living in a self-created world, and losing everything. Troy Maxson’s past contributes to him being a victim of self destructiveness because it made him who he was as a person. He did not have the best life growing up because of the problems he encountered. Troy grew up during slavery so there were not many opportunities for him because of the color of his skin. He did some things that he was not proud of just to survive because he ran away from home when he was fourteen. Troy had to grow up fast, since he did not have a good father figure in his life. Troy’s relationship with his father was not as good as it could have been because his father seemed like he did not care about his children and that all he was worried about was “getting [the] bales of cotton” to his boss (Wilson, 852.) Troy’s father accepted his responsibility towards Troy and made sure he had what he needed to survive, but he did not treat him the way Troy thought he should have been treated. Because of the type of relationship he had with his father Troy ended up treating his children the same way since that was all he knew whether he wanted to admit it or not. Also his father was an evil man that nobody could stand. His father was so evil he ran off Troy’s mother when Troy was “about eight” (Wilson, 852). Troy’s father also tried to take his girlfriend from him and beat him really bad. After his father beat him merciless Troy realized that it was time for him to be a man and take care
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