Destiny In Into The Wild

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Destiny has a Mind of its Own. People are not masters of their own destiny. This statement simply means that destiny already knows what is in store for one’s life. Although choices affect the denouement of one’s life, they cannot control what happens to them because it is out of their hands. I believe this to be true because in reality, one little thing you may do can change your entire life. It is as if one’s destiny is being constantly rewritten. In Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer, Chris McCandless made a number of decisions based on his own beating impulse. These choices show us that although he thought he was in the driver’s seat of his future, the wheel was truly steered by destiny. His fate proved to be in the hands of the wild. Everyday…show more content…
He literally spent years planning his adventures. By the end of college he knew what he wanted to do with himself. He read many guides and books and Jack London had been his idol. McCandless carried rice and knives and everything he thought he would need. He also even took the time to write a plant book of which he could reference to see if a plant was edible. Yet Krakauer tells us that he “came into the country [of Alaska] with insufficient provisions, and he lacked certain pieces of equipment deemed assential by many Alaskans” (180). This shows us that one can’t be prepared for everything. In the novel it also says that Chris “intended to invent an utterly new life for himself, one in which he would be free to wallow in unfiltered experience” (23) and after that it shares that Chris had believed that he was the “master of his own destiny.” This proves to be false. It can be thought that absolutely no one can run the world. As stated earlier, things we have no control over occur every day. You don’t know how something is, until you live it. Nature threw things at Chris McCandless that he just could not control and on top of that it was the things he had intentionally overlooked that wound up killing him. How he would acquire his food supply was one of the things Chris just didn’t plan correctly. Sometimes even careful planning is not

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