The Hidden Treasure Of Glaston Essay

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The Hidden Treasure of Glaston by Eleanore M. Jewett is about the life of a Fourteen year old boy who was left in care of the abbot in the monastery. Hugh is in search of the sacred chalice of the Holy Grail that Jesus used at the last supper. Dickon, Hugh's best friend, discovers an underground tunnel which makes the story so much more exciting. Hugh did not take any of this mystery as a joke, he took it with great seriousness as it was supposed to be. Since he knew how brother John loved those kind of things as the scriptures and all the missing pages he wanted to show him his great discovery but he had sworn with Dickon and Bleheris, not to. Hugh did not show much responsibility when he first arrived at the monastery, but by the end of the story he proved responsibility. Hugh, at first, did not like the idea of staying at the monastery because he got bored easily all day. Until he began to like more and more the work of Brother John and till he met Dickon, later his best friend. Hugh showed perseverance in many ways throughout the story, by what he thought, did, and said. Hugh never surrendered on the treasures he kept on looking for them since he knew their importance in marking history. He also wanted to make Bleheris, Dickon and Brother John happy. Once he said to Dickon to go on and never surrender. He got great love for Bleheris and understood him. Hugh did not seem religious in the beginning of the book, but he showed by what he thought, said, and did that he became religious by the end of the story. Hugh got bored at the convent at first and stayed in his room while the brothers went to mass. After, he began to like it more he thought at first that he wanted to be a strong knight. After he began to like the idea of finding hidden pages and restoring them and he began to be friend of brother John, Bleheris, and Dickon. Though Hugh arrived at

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