Maestro as an Effective Teacher Essay

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Maestro Essay ‘Was Keller an effective teacher?’ Peter Goldsworthy’s novel revolves around the memory of a 15 year old by name Paul Crabbe, narrated by an older version of himself. Paul is introduced to Eduard Keller, an old former pianist who Paul initially sees as a strict, grumpy old man who cannot teach. Although throughout the novel Paul learns to value and respect Keller and acknowledges him as a “Maestro”. Initially Paul sees Keller as an old alcoholic “with a boozer’s incandescent glow” who can’t teach and knows nothing about teaching children. Keller is an unorthodox teacher and believes strongly in formalities and starting from the beginning. This is something that Paul despises as he believed that he was far more advanced than what Keller was teaching him. For the first few weeks of lessons Paul is astonished that “he won’t even let me play!” and is being taught about hands and fingers. However as time progresses Paul starts to recognise Keller’s talents and acknowledge him as a “Maestro”. Paul relates to Keller “I was finally beginning to gain some sort of understanding of the man. The Swan was a monastery of a kind”. Paul sees how Keller uses the Swan to get away, and starts to respect him more. Although Paul doesn’t like some of the ways Keller teaches him, he starts to work hard to impress the “Maestro” and he notices benefits of the teaching style. Sometimes the purpose of an educator is not evident and that the direction of the education is uknown. However a great teacher is eventually recognised for their teaching talents and gains respect from their students. Paul initially doubted Keller’s teaching abilities, but eventually recognised his talents and found himself relating and learning to the

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