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Escaping The Ascent, the 2009 short story by Ron Rash, is the devastating story of an eleven-year-old, Jared, who loves to imagine new adventures to get away from the real world. While reading Rash’s story, readers will vividly experience the emotional and psychological effects experienced by Jared due to his parents’ life style. For this reason, he always tries to escape to a better, utopic world with the help of his imagination. Ron Rash’s story is a vivid example of dystopian literature, wherein the protagonist is always trying to escape to a greater world; the escapism is seen not only in Jared, the protagonist, but also in the story’s other characters, Jared’s mom and dad. It is not easy to deal with the social and familiar problems encountered by the members of a drug abusive family, but for a non-abuser that is part of an addicted family, it is worse. The Ascent depicts the life of Jared as part of a meth addicted family, and how he deals with his parents and the social world in an innocent, yet very peculiar way. The…show more content…
At the same time, it portrays how they are being controlled by the method they use to escape. By the end of the story, one can see how meth is controlling Jared’s parents to the point that they can overdose themselves and end their lives. On the other hand, Jared’s fantasies are taking over him. When he believes he fixed the plane and takes off (Rash, 89-90), one knows he decided to make his last escape. “He watched the snow cover the plane’s front window with a darkening whiteness. After a while he began to shiver but after a longer while he was no longer cold. Jared looked out the window and saw the whiteness was not only in front of him but below. He knew then that they had taken off” (90). He seemingly commits suicide while pursuing his dream of finding a perfect

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