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Dissecting The Lyrical Aspects Of “Beautiful” By Eminem Inspiring A Sense Of Empathy In Today’s Society Wesley Desouza (1) Lakewood Ranch High School / State College of Florida Abstract This paper seeks to explore the lyrical analysis of “Beautiful” by Eminem. His song depicted in this essay is about inspiring today’s society with a simple sense of empathy that the author, Eminem believes to be lacking in most people. Eminem states, “People just don’t seem to understand me, or anyone else for that matter” (Eminem, 2009). Eminem cautions his listeners that public icons, much like him, appreciate their support but are irked by the lack of respect for their privacy. Likewise, he also feels that their fans are bringing them down constantly. People don’t realize even with peer pressure they can always find a better option as to what they can and should do. These points in his song serve the purpose to encompass his feelings towards today’s society’s lack of empathy. Dissecting The Lyrical Aspects of “Beautiful by Eminem A young man growing up in the crude streets of Detroit, Marshal Mathers, or as he is more commonly known as Eminem, has to live under the influence of drugs, alcohol and violence. He finds himself addicted to drugs. He feels that he is isolated into a different social class. This social class he believes is looked upon and judged by lower classes. Eminem desires personal space, yet he never receives any. He is puzzled at the thought process of the inconsiderate people that don’t realize what he is going through. Especially with his drug problems he is getting rehab for. Eminem states, “There is a lot of honesty in that song that I wouldn’t want to just throw it away” (Eminem, 2009). “Beautiful” is the only song Eminem writes that he can bare to listen to because all his other songs are written by him, at a mentally distorted state by the
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