A Literary Analysis Of 'Sonny Blue' By James Baldwin

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Khoa Tran 11/1/2010 Eng1102 Mr. McNamara Sonny Blue In this world that we live in there are lots of different characters throughout everybody. No one will be the same as the other even if they are grows up together or a long time best friend. In the story Sonny Blue by James Baldwin is a perfect example for two brothers that grow up together and into two completely different lives as they grow up into their own character. The author names the story Sonny Blue as he wants to point out the brother of his and the sad mood with unhappy thoughts of the author thinks about his brother life. The author writes this story about the two brothers that grow up together into two different ways of other. The two completely different lives of two brothers contribute to the story as being safe and taking risk. The narrator is the older brother who grows up into a good future. He lives in a good house and has a stable job as being a math teacher. Also, the older brother is one of the respectable family men who always put his family as one of the top priority of his life. The narrator is all about being safe and afraid of taking risks that can harm his family or his future. The narrator lives in the…show more content…
Sonny is about taking risks that can change his life or whatever he does. He is in love with music, a romantic man, and lives a wild crazy live compare to his older brother. Sonny drops out of school, and immediately become a failure in his older brother eyes. He has tries so many things to escape from his problems in life. He fails when he tries to join the military; also fail when he tries to escape through drugs, and also the drugs has become one of the main problems that he tries to escape from. Later on he can only find his truly self into the music notes. The sounds the way of music flow in to his mind has become his passion. He has found the only way to escape from his problems and it is
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