A Man's Values In The Epic Of Beowulf

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Beowulf Values The story of Beowulf holds many interesting values about each character. The characters value their fathers names, their armor and treasures. These values are clearly shown throughout the story and affect the plot dramatically . Beowulf truly cares about his father Edgetho and his appearance in his armor because of how he presents himself when meeting new people stating his father's name right away, and treasures because he lost his life for a treasure. The value of a man's fathers name is very important to the men in this time period. In my perspective if a person had a well respected father and was well known and he stated his name, people would like you better. ''So the living sorrow of Healfdanes's son/Simmered, bitter and fresh, no wisdom(104-105)''. This quote is talking about Hrothgar. Instead of just saying Hrothgar they state his father's name and add son to the end…show more content…
Once again the watcher on the shore of Herot says to Beowulf's men ''From their ships, seeking of lives and our gold/ None have come more openly (157-158)''. Gold is valued by all the men in this story and this shows later on also when Beowulf fights the dragon. Beowulf fights the dragon to show his bravery but I also believe he wanted to slay the dragon for the treasure and gold that would come as a reward. After killing the dragon Beowulf is injured so bad but still shows his affection for the treasure by requesting it be buried by him. ''And the riches he and Wiglac/ Had won from the dragon, rings, necklaces/ancient, hammered-all/ The treasures they'd taken were left there, to/ silver and jewels buried in the sandy/ground (849-854)''. This quote shows how much Beowulf values his treasures so much that he must be buried with them so that he could stay with them forever and so that no one else could possess

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