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Beowulf Response The story of Beowulf, which was translated and written by Seamus Heaney, depicts a young man destined to be a hero, the savior of not only his people, but those around him. His thirst for success led him to live his life as a leader among leaders and a true hero. The tale ends with the true mark of a hero, the ability to pass the legacy on to a younger generation to which he has offered guidance, wisdom, and experience under his wing. Unlike most heroes in literature that are often portrayed as having humble beginnings, Beowulf’s youth is relatively fortunate and comfortable. The realization that he had superior physical strength quickly led Beowulf to develop a superior mental capacity, one filled with an ability to lead…show more content…
Beowulf’s character is certainly one to do this and thus is the reason he may be dubbed a hero. Beowulf makes a significant impact upon his followers, in particular the soldiers he had chosen to be with him. Wiglaf makes a emotional speech among his fellow soldiers as Beowulf has gone off to fight without their aide. In this speech Wiglaf declares, “ –Now the day has come when this lord we serve needs sound men to give them their support…As God is my witness, I would rather my body were robed in the same burning blaze as my gold-giver’s body than go home bearing arms.”(lines 2646-2653) This kind of comment makes one question how much of an impact they can truly have on their peers. To have such awe inspiring powers so as to gain the trust and respect of your men to the extent that they would indeed take greater pleasure in their deaths than that of their leaders is truly incredible. This is the recognition point for the reader in which he or she can truly tell that Beowulf was a true hero to many people. Not only had Beowulf become a figure of fame in his life, but he had obtained the ultimate honor: Beowulf had become a legend, and, in that, Beowulf would forever continue to be a hero and to demonstrate his talent for generations to come as he had successfully saved his people, the Geats and the

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