A Walk To Remember Essay (For Religion)

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A Walk To Remember is an inspirational tale of love, commitment and faith. In the starting of the movie Landon is a troubled young man who’s male bravado makes him moody, doesn’t have morals, or respect for others therefor leading him to make unethical decisions. On the other hand Jamie is modest, has a strong faith and wishes only to do good in God’s eyes. Through a series of events Jamie and Landon become friends and gradually Jamie teaches Landon how to truly open his heart and eyes to God. Landon constantly has to be seen as the “tough guy” persona that, ultimately forces him in to bad situations. In the beginning of the Film Landon, constantly defied societal norms and had a complete disregard for authority. Landon displayed disregard for authority by running away from the police when they were clearly after him. He also is disrespectful towards authority when he is in the Principles office. Landon shows disrespect towards his Principle through his body language and tone of voice, instead of sitting up politely, he slouches and talks back. Not only does Landon not care about authority he consistently rebels against societal norms such as: caring, having morals, having a sense of self and having a conscience. Landon displays these abnormalities by not standing up to his friends when they made fun of Jamie for talking to Landon, by not feeling nearly enough sympathy for the boy who got hurt even though it was Landon who pushed him. Landon displays a lack of morals by drinking and driving. One of the reasons to Landon’s misconduct is that he completely and utterly disrespects and loathes his Father figure. When a child has no respect for their family (which is where they learn to obey and venerate society’s rules) how can the child possibly respect those outside of the family? Landon’s disobedience not only is disrespectful to the authoritative figure but also to
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