Overcoming Obstacles In Dom's Life

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2/25/13 Seve Calderini Mr.Khuen E 2 TKMS Final Essay When Dom, a nine year old boy, is forced to move to America to support his family, a new lifestyle is thrusted upon, turning him from a weak Italian boy, into a strong American man. Throughout the course of the book Dom is faced with many challenges and obstacles which he must overcome that end up changing his lifestyle and identity. These challenges include emotional and physiological obstacles such as his lack of family, no real home to call his own, little support, and exposure to the awful events that happen on the streets of New York everyday. Not only does he have to face emotional challenges, but he must also handle all the physical hardships that come with moving and working…show more content…
He quickly learns that the city that never sleeps isn’t exactly the friendliest place, but more a malicious and menacing place. It is a place where people cheat and steal, and don’t have a care in the world if they did. For example, on page 146, Dom says, “We got cheated”, in which Gaetono replays, “and we’ll get cheated again, thats how it works”. When Gaetono said getting cheated is how it works, he is referring to how mean, and cruel the city can be, that things happen, and there no real way to retaliate, you just have to let it go. Another example of physical challenges would have to be the lack of respect Dom, Gaetono, and Tin Pan Alley have in New York. It is almost impossible for them to make any one because people have such little respect for them, which causes Dom, Tin Pan Alley and Gaetono to get cheated out very often, and at times get mugged while on the streets. Even though Dom, being the strong boy that he is, was able to retain his composure and walk forward even through all the physical nightmares he faces, he soon learns that the most prejudicial challenges where those trapped

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