Dysfunctional Families Create Juvenile Delinquents

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The amount of youths involved in crime and who show disregard for law and order is on the rise. What is more disturbing is the rise of violent crimes committed by the same youths. Certain questions must be answered to comprehend the reasons behind this.Why are our youths behaving this way? Why are they putting their future in jeopardy? How can we make these wrongs right? In order to resolve this quandary, one must fully understand the cause of this predicament. A person’s environment is the most influential factor in what a person will become or develop into. Location as well as the people surrounding a person is critical in cultivating a person. For this reason, dysfunctional families are more likely to bring up a future juvenile delinquent. The rise in general and violent crime parallels the rise in dysfunctional families. Families are thought to be dysfunctional when misbehavior, conflict, and regular abuse from individual members occur on a constant basis, and are leading other family members to allow such actions to continue on. Children often grow up in these families with the understanding that such a layout is normal, for it is all they have known. Dysfunctional families are often a result of single parent adults, that may also be affected by addictions, such as substance abuse. Others also include untreated mental illness and parents mirroring or trying toover-correct their own dysfunctional parents. Many people associate parents of dysfunctional families with being on the verge of separation and divorce. While this is true in a some cases, often the marriage bond is still intact because the parents’ flaws actually complement each other. In other words, their bad circumstances go hand in hand and have nowhere else to go. However, this does not necessarily mean the family’s situation is stable. Any major change, such as inflation, unemployment,
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