Addiction And The Impact On Families

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Addiction and the impact on the Family Introduction The purpose of this essay is to discuss the impact of addiction within a family. When addiction is present, family members deal with it in different ways and they take on different roles to help balance out the family dynamics. This essay will go into the different roles and examine the feelings and effects that each role brings with it. When one or more of the caregivers have an addiction, it is usually the children that suffer. The essay will discuss how children brought up in addicted households are affected and the effects on their adult lives. It also touches on how they handle their own families when they grow into adulthood. Although addiction can present itself in many different ways such as gambling, food or sexual, for the purpose of this essay the author will describe how a family is affected by substance abuse. Main Body Families that are affected by addiction can often be tense, painful and frightening experience for young children. The family can be put under a lot of stress and people’s emotions get minimized as the pain of what they live in is denied. The family support system breaks down and children lose sense of what is ‘normal’. As the adults around them struggle to regulate their emotions, the child learns abnormal ways to deal with the chaos around them and struggle to make sense of what is happening around them. The family’s routine begins to revolve around the addict and the children end up fending for themselves. Children in an environment of addiction often find themselves taking on the roles of the adults and take on the stress of dealing with the addiction. For the family to survive members usually move into roles without realising and more times than not this leads the addicted person to become dependent on them. There are six roles that the Independent Drug Rehab Providers
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