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Organizational Behavior Personal Theory of Motivation SIGNIFICANT OTHERS Submitted by: Ruto Eliud Submitted to: Prof. Andrew Samboy S. Macalma, MBA Date: 18th July 2011 Eliud’s Theory of Motivation “Significant Others” We are not perfect! Sometimes we cannot stand on any situation alone because we are not strong all the time. No man is an island too! We cannot live, surpass problem and enjoy life without other people. Since we are a rational person, it is expected that we are dealing or mingling with many type of person in our daily life. You may consider them as your significant others or just nothing. Significant others are the persons that exert an influence on the growth and development of an individual. They are the one that serves as my motivation in travelling the journey of my life. Maybe you are familiar with this line,” I am studying hard because I want to help my parents or give an education to my younger sister/brother”. That’s the natural answer of most of the students like me if you ask them why they are studying. We often consider our family as our main significant others because our parents are the one who brought us in this living world and given us the necessity in life such as clothes, shelter, education and many more. As many people know from experience, the family unit can be a strong source of stability, security, and happiness. It can nurture support, love, and togetherness. However, when things go wrong within this unit, it can become the opposite: a source of great stress and tribulation. In my own experience and learning, students want to restore the kindness of their parents because they are not what they are without them. I am studying hard now because I want also to help my family. They motivate me that life without education is very hard since you will live on

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