Compare And Contrast Bennett & Ldquo Against Marriage

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Homosexuality "Marriage" is a bond recognized by various institutions, between a man and a woman. Not only a man and a woman define “marriage”, but pairs of the same sex fulfill the criteria of a successful marriage as well. William Bennett, the author of “Against Marriage”, dictates that allowing homosexuals to get married will change the meaning of marriage while Andrew Sullivan claims that "they make a deep commitment to one another and to society; in exchange, society extends the benefits to them”. Although, over the years, people have changed the essence of marriage to suit their personal needs, but many constitutions are biased towards equality of rights resulting in the condemnation of personal integrity.…show more content…
The government and charities spend huge amounts of money on the child welfare system. So, if homosexuals are given the right to adopt a child, it would not only benefit the child but also the community. He is right by reminding us that it is far better for a child to be raised by a mother and a father but he neglects that homosexuals can raise a child, too. A child is taught to say “mom” or “dad”, he or she is not automatically born with the ability to say that. Therefore, between two male homosexuals, there can be a father and a mother. Bennett, fails to conviceus as to why we should not allow same sex marriages, because he does not state facts but only his own views. Furthermore, marriage is a bond between two people who love and cherish each other. Not only a man and a woman have the ablility to do that, but alsosame sex unions have the ability to accomplish the standards of a successful marriage. Both man and woman have equal rights and the rights of the other party cannot be limited because it defies the “traditional” meaning of marriage. All people are equal in every respect. Works

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