Satire Essay On Gay Marriage

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About half of the people in the United States support gay marriage; far less of those that are otherwise supportive of legally enforced gay rights. This means that many of the same people who are even passionately in favor of gay rights oppose gays on this one issue. Gay rights and gay marriage are central battles in America's culture wars for two reasons. First, the growing acceptance of homosexuality is a direct threat to the domination of traditional Christian norms for sex and sexuality. Second, marriage is not only an important cultural symbol, but an example of how heterosexuals are privileged. And heterosexual privilege is one of the few remaining unjust social privileging systems in America. Marriage is the state of being united…show more content…
I do not think that there is anything wrong with homosexual couples getting married. I feel like marriage is a beautiful thing and it is a lifelong commitment, so why not spend it with the one you truly love? And if it just so happens that it’s someone of the same sex as you then so be it. I would argue that the primary reason for sexuality is to express love, and further even, pleasure. If ones pleasure is derived from sex with a partner of the same sex, and the deep love of a life partner is expressed to one of the same sex, then there cannot be anything wrong with that. The same biological urges that could lead to procreation in a heterosexual couple can be seen also in gay couples. A homosexual couple will go through lengths of artificial insemination, in the case of a lesbian couple, or adoption or hiring a surrogate mother in the case of a gay male couple. Denying the marriage of two people in love, by the ethical standards or our society is wrong. It is denying one the right to the pursuit of happiness. It is denying them the stability of married life, the benefits of being able to oversee the illness of their partner, the benefits of simply loving someone that much, that you are willing to make a lifelong commitment such as marriage. We would never think of denying this right to a couple made up of man and
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