The Brawl in Mickey's Backyard Case Study

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SHOULD HOMOSEXUALS BE ABLE TO MARRY 1 Should Homosexuals be able to Marry? Jennifer U. Hinty Ashford University PHI 103 Informal Logic 6/11/12 Russell Fail [no notes on this page] -1- SHOULD HOMOSEXUALS BE ABLE TO MARRY 2 Should Homosexuals be able to Marry? Question: Should Homosexuals be able to marry? Thesis: It is true that the bible states that “men should not lay with men, and women should not lay with women,” but at the time the bible was written there was probably no existence of homosexuals. I feel that the bible was a guide, but the guide needs to be updated. People change, cultures change, life changes, the world has changed since it was created. To me, homosexuals have the same right to be happy as heterosexuals. Letting homosexuals marry is the right thing to do, for it is now a new beginning for them. Introduction: The issues of homosexual marriages is very complex, especially who, or who should not be married. In my opinion, this is wrong, it is a preference. I am hoping this paper will show why it is wrong to determine who should marry who. I will take into account all the factors of marriage; including evolution of marriage, history of marriage, legal issues, civil rights, human biology the reproduction, children, religion, love, relationships, heterosexual and homosexual issues. I hope to change your prospective on homosexual’s marriage, and for you to re-look at your views. Biology, sex, reproduction, evolution: Over centuries ago the planet was made with one man and one woman. They were to reproduce to combine their DNA. This process would produce new individuals. This meaning, the new individual has traits form both parents. This way produced genetic diversity, and created new traits. The traits can still be carried on, just not in the traditional way, that a man and a woman can bring life into the world. With our
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