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Running Head: Compare and contrast essay on two writers A comparison on two writers named Amy Tan and Richard Rodriguez brought out many differences in the way they grew up learning English as a second language. Keith Brandon University of Maryland College Author Note This paper was prepared for writing 101S, taught by professor Goshert-Hossain. Two writers that both grew up learning English as a second language, struggling through the hardships of the experience brought upon many differences between the two; although the same in learning each had their own views of the subject. Through their experiences there were many differences between family life, how each writer learned, and what they are doing now to understand their English as a second language. Through their experiences there were many comparisons to suggest but some stood out more than others; such as, how each writer grew up learning do deal with their family and their English, and on that note what they are doing now to understand how their English language as a second language affects others. The first of the differences was experiences in family life. Each of the writers had very different experiences when it comes to family. Amy Tan had a term she explained as “different English” where Richard Rodriguez had a term he explained as “family quietness”. The difference in the two is that although Amy’s mother did have a hard time speaking the language clearer that the average English speaker she was able to have a language with her family that was English but they had a certain bond with it. Richard Rodriguez on the other hand was told he had to speak English even with his parents but his parents were no more an English speaker than he; so, once he began to understand the language better and speak it with his parents, his parents were the ones

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