Women Overcome Biases

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Zhuoyi Tian 01:365:155:13 Paper#3 Final Draft Professor Emily M. Renaud Date: 11/05/2014 Women Overcome Biases Racial, gender and ethnic biases limited women’s thought. An author named Amy Tan has been though biases. And she overcomes some of those. Amy Tan is a Chinese-American writer, who grew up with her parents in the United States. In her writing career, she has completed a lot of good work, which shows her thought and experiences. Tan considers her relationship with her own mother, concentrating on the different “Englishes” she and her mother use to communicate with each other and with the world. Tan’s mother moves from Shanghai to The United States. She is not good at English. When she communicates with people, they cannot fully understand what she says. Tan talks a lot about her mother and uses different “Englishes” to communicate and solve problems. She also finds balance about how to use Language. She begins to use many “Englishes” to complete her story, instead of using the original flowery language in writing. Eventually she succeeds in creating her career. Tan thinks people have prejudgment about Chinese people, which biases should be solved connection. Ortiz Cofer’s essay also mentions biases. But the biases are to Latinas. Judith Ortiz Cofer is a Latina poet and writer. She uses English to describe the Latin culture. But as a Latina, she often faces racial and gender discrimination. Americans think of her as a waitress. Her friends think that there is a sexually suggestive behavior, when she dresses in her mother's jewelry at the party. And those things bring her life a lot of trouble. She solves the biases by many different ways, which include her good education. These two authors have experienced some problems of gender and racial biases. But they use good communication skills and courage to face the problem to complete their outstanding

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