Power Of Language

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Power of Language Learning languages inevitably brings you into contact with other people, often from other countries, cultures and walks of life. In addition, learning a foreign language is the perfect route to meeting people. Learning a language and having a passion for it always leads you to become a successful person in society and having better relationships. Without language, we cannot have meaningful relationships or a successful learning experience nor can we see how others experience the world. Language is a key in relationship. We all use English language in different ways depending how we grow up with it. While, on the other hand, in the article, “Mother Tongue” Amy Tan describes how English affected her and lead her to become a great writer “When I was growing up, my mother’s ‘limited’ English limited my perception of her. I was ashamed of her English.” Her mother’s limited English actually helped her a lot, and I strongly believe that her mother’s limited English lead her to become a great writer. By that meaning, when Amy Tan was a kid, she saw how her mother had difficulties in the society because the lack of communication. Therefore, when she grew up, she learned English in the right and correct way and became a successful writer. This is similar to a time when I was in her situation, I was ashamed of my parents broken English wherever they go, I had to speak for them; their limited English reflected the quality of what they had to say. That is because they weren’t able to express their thoughts, the correct way and nobody was taking them seriously, it was because of their broken English language, they were not getting good services
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