Value Specific To Their Culture: Comparing Lee And Tan

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In the articles we read, the authors created a fundamental value specific to their culture by using examples of the effects they had with different members of their family. In Lee’s “Mute in an English-Only World,” it shows his level of maturity due to his mother’s influence on him an her respect in the culture. In "Mother Tongue," Tan explains how her mother changed her writing by changing her way of receiving the language. Lee and Tan, both of immigrant backgrounds, use their memories of deceased mothers to build credibility in their respective articles. Both of these writers were molded by their mothers. Each expresses how wonderful their mother really was, contrary to what the outside world may have thought. Tan expressed her feelings by talking about test and comparing English and math and how the language in the family could have affected how she did on test. Tan makes it understandable by letting the audience know that standard tests cannot determine a person's intelligence, she is trying to say how people have different ways of thinking and different types of intelligence, and yet these standard tests only can measure a certain type of intelligence, so it is unfair. The language barrier each had to overcome often…show more content…
One comparison he uses is alcohol. They prohibited alcohol and people manage to use it, so why not ban or prohibit English and then people will definitely be bound to use it because they cannot have it. He also goes on to say we should ban English because it is now a world language. Every one in the world speaks English, so what makes it unique to America? Baron is saying if we stop everyone from speaking English now we can save the English language from dying like some of the other languages. He is also saying using reverse psychology would work in banning the English

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