Linguistic Terrorism In Amy Tan's Essay 'Mother Tongue'

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Linguistic Terrorism is the partisan misuse of language in an effort to support an immediate political objective or viewpoint. Linguistic Terrorism is the use of force or threats to pressure those of other nationalities to speak a common language. I look at linguistic terrorism as a way of depriving someone of their language, because if you talk down on someone for speaking their language that’s just like you saying you are racist. Although I do feel that if you are going to come to America to live and work you should be required to learn at least the basics of our English language. We should ask ourselves these questions “Have people of your heritage ever been put down or threatened because of the language you speak, or is it that people…show more content…
Tan, because she was often ashamed of the way her mother spoke what she called “Broken or Limited English”, she was ashamed of what people would say about her mother and the way she talked. Tan’s mother was a victim. One example was the way the hospital treated her when she went to New York about her CAT scan, but as soon as they talked to Tan the situation changed. Another was with the stockbroker and her getting the check and as soon as the people spoke to Tan it was another story. In other words when Tan spoke with proper English she was treated differently opposed to how her mother was treated for speaking her limited English. So what I’m trying to say is sometimes people that speak different languages don’t always get the proper service that they should because of Linguistic Terrorism. I’ve found an example of Linguistic Terrorism online: A recent case in which a Hispanic man lost custody of his only daughter because he tried to teach her Spanish against the wishes of his Anglo wife. He lost the case- not because he was an abusive father, not because he was neglectful, but because he tried to teach his daughter more about her culture and the language of her relatives and ancestors. Where is the freedom of speech there? There is

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