Argument Essay About Marjuana

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English Language The English language is one of the most interesting international languages in the world, where you can communicate with a lot of different people from different cultures. Even though, English is an international language, learning any language quickly depends on the place and people. For example, you can learn it fast, if you practice every day which that means you have to be in a place where all people speak English. Also, you cannot learn the exact pronunciation of some words, if you do not communicate a lot with the native speakers. I am arguing, that learning any language is built on the place and people. Accordingly, learning any language depend's on the place, where native speaks are found. For example, you cannot be in Saudi Arabia, Germany, or China if you want to learn English. These are not the countries, where you could master English. In other words, you could go to these countries and learn their languages, but they can’t really teach you the English language like natives speakers. Also, it is much easier to learn any language for the native speakers. The daily communication with a native speaker will help you automatically to be fluent and master the language easier. For this reason the place plays a very important rule in learning a new language. Moreover, besides the importance of the place, mastering any language learn on the people. Where when you start to study the language, you will face a lot of expert teachers. The teachers who are teaching a language have majored and have meticulously trained to teach you the language. Also, there are many benefits to get, like the exact pronunciation. The right pronunciation is something that is not easy to get, where you cannot pronounce a word right, at less until you hear it once. In sum, speaking with native speakers of a language is very helpful. Other people think
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