Challenge for International Students

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Challenges for International Students in America Nowadays, more and more students from other countries come into the United States go further their studies because of the high quality of the education. Charles Lipson mentioned that“ Each year, nearly 70,000 international students from over 200countries arrive in North America to study.” International students go to America for many reasons. As an international student, I was fascinated by the pedagogical strategies in the US, which are totally different from China. Therefore, I came here to gain more knowledge and try to live in a new environment. However, the international students also face a lot of challenges in their lives, such as language barriers, financial problems, and the social networks. Language issues are the earliest and the most important problems for the international students. According to Maureen Snow Andrade, “Adjustment challenges are primarily attributable to English language proficiency and culture. Achievement is affected by English proficiency, academic skills and educational background.” Before we came to the U.S, most international students must take the IELTS or TOEFL to test their English level to attend the new school. However, the international students use English only for passing the test; they would not use English in their countries. From my own experience, I speak English only in classes with local students and teachers from China; the accents and the intonations would be very similar. This kind of experience cannot improve the international students’ abilities to communicate in English. When the international students first come to America, they would be very disacquaintanted with the conversations. Nevertheless, they need to use English everywhere at school, such as listening to the lectures, talking with other native speakers in the classes, and doing homework for each

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