Community Health Advocacy Part Five

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Community Health Advocacy Part Five Pauline Harris Nursing 544 July 20, 2014 Instructor Amy Weaver Community Health Advocacy Part Five Goals are broad statements of intent and purposes for educational program outcomes (Bastable, Gramet, Jacobs, & Sopczyk, 2011). These are two goals for desired outcomes of this aggregate. First, is to increase the awareness of Alzheimer’s and dementia for individuals and their family members. Second, is to inform caregiver’s of support available in the community and how to recognize symptoms for this aggregate. Goals: 1. To increase this aggregate and caregiver’s awareness about symptoms of Alzheimer’s and dementia. To involve the community health nurse in order to coordinate and accomplish community health advocacy project. 2. Caregivers will be able to recognize symptoms and be educated on available support available in the community for family members with Alzheimer’s and dementia. For example, home health services, day care centers, and Alzheimer’s and dementia organizations to enhance care for those experiencing symptoms. What intervention needs to happen to meet your goals? A muliti level intervention approach is needed to meet the goals. The use of brochures, forums, and social media will be available in the community to help identify barriers that affect health status, cognitive ability and social support. A multi level intervention can be implemented at the community level and lead to a more substantial and sustained changes (Clearly, 2012). These interventions will involve the community, the community nurse, and supportive organizations. Furthermore, involving the community nurse and partnership with the local, state, and national, dementia and Alzheimer’s organizations will help impact many families and as a result affect communities. Neis and McEwen (2011) suggest nurses must be

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