Explain Function of Research P1

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in fucnP1- Explain the function of research in health and social care. Research is extremely important in health and social care sector. It is necessary and important for the following reasons: identifying needs: all health or social care workers who are involved in care planning use research principles to identify the needs of individuals. E.g. a care home manager observing an individual resident may identify that they may need more assistance with personal care and discuss this with individual. Making decisions about treatment or care to meet the individual’s needs. It is important and necessary to carry out a specific study, or research project, to investigate the benefits to others, there are many organisations often charities, which are dedicated to improving the care of individuals with specific disease and disorders through research. highlighting gaps in provision: the health or social care needs of communities change over time with the rise and fall of local employment; and young adult s moving on, leaving old adults in the family home. The services needed for a new housing estate with lots of young children, are usually different from those needed a well-established estate with a greater proportion of older adult residents. planning provision of services: provision of services for health and social is expensive and a new service can take several years to develop. Strategic health authorities, primary care trust (PCTS) and local authority with are responsible for planning health and social care provision, have to be sure that any decision to invest public money in developing new services is justified. Their decisions need to be based on information that is accurate, recent and reliable. Research information policy and practice: Policy: research shows that older people stay healthier for longer if they remain in their own homes so local authorities have
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