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Family Health Assessment Vann Joyner Grand Canyon University: NRS-429V May 9, 2015 Family Health Assessment One of the factors in planning care and health promotion for a patient is overall family support system . When a patient is ill it not only affects them but their family members as well. One tool used by a nurse to help collect family data is the family health assessment. Family health assessment aims at using a holistic approach to ensure the health of individuals, communities and families to ensure that care remains client centered. It focuses on ensuring that families acknowledge their health needs and address them by planning proper intervention strategies. The assessment includes the evaluation of possible dysfunctional…show more content…
The family member described their meaning of health” being free of major illnesses, seeing the doctor as required and living safely” (E. Robertson, personal communication, May 6, 2015). It’s felt that staying active through work and social activities provide security and comfort that one is at optimum health function. Basically the family utilizes health care as needed. Believes feeling good by being active is a sign of good…show more content…
Family reports with humor that it’s not important physically as much as emotionally now. Family reports appreciation for not being alone at this time of their lives. Coping Coping relates to how stress is managed. Family reports religion as the major coping mechanism when dealing with issues. Family has long history of religious practice and is currently active within the church. No reports of medication for mental issues. Overall they relies on each other to get through issues. Based on my family assessment I believe that one wellness diagnosis would be Readiness for enhanced nutritional metabolic pattern. This relating to the disclosure of limited exercise and activity, dietary intake should include more fluids and fiber. Family expressed understanding of healthy foods based on age and lifestyles. One other wellness diagnosis would be Readiness for Activity /Exercise pattern . Family admits to lack of physical activity but expresses the importance of it. Family promotes the thoughts that staying active equates to healthy living. References: Edelman, Carole, Elizabeth Kudzma, Carol Mandle. Health Promotion Throughout the Life Span, 8th Edition. Mosby, 2014. VitalBook

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