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Windshield Survey Reflection April 30, 2012 James Fleming Nursing 405 In the community there are many issues involving the health of all. Cultural diversity can lead to an even more challenging impact on the health of a community, enhancing the disparities of health and environment. Cultural diversity encompasses every person in a community thereby affecting the health and productivity of all. This review will cover the cultural diversity, risk indicators identified from Healthy People 2020. Discussion will touch on intervention and how nursing can be involved. In conclusion this overview will reflect all topics and how we can work together to enhance the community environment. Cultural diversity in the community In the windshield…show more content…
The Hispanic population is in general paid less and therefore are not provided insurance nor is their financial foundation provide them the ability to seek medical care and advice freely. Healthy People 2020 Healthy people 2020 has identified obesity, nutrition, occupational safety and health as areas to focus change (Healthy People. 2012). Chemicals in rural areas where farmers and migrant workers spend much of their time are promoted more and more each growing season leading to more chance of exposure. With exposure and injury being the focus nationally, changes are beginning to occur to decrease the work related illness and injuries. The attempt to eliminate workplace hazards by changing designs in and around the workplace will result hopefully in success of healthy lifestyles (Healthy People, 2012). Obesity and nutrition are also being addressed within the community. Obesity has fast become a definitive health disparity across all cultures in America, yet has been identified as being prevalent among non-Hispanic black females and Mexican American females (Healthy People,…show more content…
16). With these programs the education related to workplace injury and exposures and how they affect families at home can be communicated more clearly. With these actions to decrease injury and exposure can be taught in a language that is easily understood ( National Partnership for Action, 2012, pg.6). Conclusion Cultural diversity in the community today has become the norm rather than the exception. To ensure health and education is planned and acted upon, partnerships with many entities are needed in all areas of society to meet the needs of the diverse populations involved. If partnered appropriately education and health prophylaxis can be presented in ways that are understood to make changes in their lifestyles to maintain safety and health of all. By working together in partnerships within the community, all those within the community are touched positively and

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