District Nursing Essay

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In light of current policy developments, this essay examines how a community specialist practitioner can contribute in the evolving National Health Service (NHS). Due to its relevance to my practice, the essay will focus on district nursing and how distict nurses can contribute to adult services within primary care. District Nurses are at the heart of community care and play a leading role in the drive for quality, process of change and innovation. Using effective leadership and team approaches, district nurses have embraced the opportunities to flag up their role and the impact they have in providing health care for the population (Lawton, et al, 2006). District nursing teams provide services to patients who are housebound and unable to visit their GP or local health centre. The service provides individualised patient-centred care that takes into account patient choice and appropriate care given by highly skilled staff (QNI, 2010).The Queens Nursing Institute launched a campaign called 'Right Nurse, Right Skills' which aims to ensure that patients get the right care in their own homes. The QNI provides a wide range of support for community nurses at all stages in their careers and influences policies which affect community nursing and patients (QNI, 2011).

Health policy developments in recent years, have developed around the reduction in cost and making resources more effective (DOH, 2009). A clear example of this was highlighted in the transforming community services program. The program was not aimed directly at nursing services in the community, but changes in the way health services are funded. This has impacted on the way and type of care that district nurses deliver and has also given cause for concern for all staff regarding changes that may affect their working terms and conditions. Also, now that community services have moved outside NHS
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