Communication Skills and Public Speaking

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Tarnisha Whiting September 5, 2014 1. In chapter one i learned that there are several types of communication. I also learned about a form of communication called Strategic Flexibility (SF). Which is a way to expand your communication skills. Its also a way to enable you to use the best skill or behavior available for a particular situation. SF have six steps and these steps allow you to take SF into the world and apply it to the real life circumstances we encounter daily. These steps are: Anticipate, Assess, Evaluate, Select, Reassess & Reevaluate , and Apply. The goals that i would like to set for this semester regarding improving my communication is pretty much everything. I have never been good at communication ,so I’m glad I learned more about it so i can exceed not only in this class but in life because communication is also a life skill. 2. The communication skill that I need to improve in is public speaking, because I’m not really a loud speaker and I’m shy. I get very nervous when I have to speaker in front of a group of people and I’m hoping i can improve in that area. The communication skill I think I’m competent in is electronic communication. Like any other youth in this generation ,I like to send text messages, call people, email people, facebook people, and also I like to get on instagram. I like communication this way because I like using my phone and laptop. I also like social media ,its very entertaining. 3. I think ever any speaker should be mindful of his/ her audience. Even a funny speech should be delivered in a way that will not offend the listeners. Sometimes a speech can cause offence because insensitivity on the writer’s or speaker’s part. You should know how to speak loudly. Its very important for your audience to hear and understand everything you are speaking. You have to make eye contact with your audience ,give

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