Comm 101 Delicious Lemonade

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Proffesor Hatlestad-Shay How to Make Delicious Lemonade Thesis Statement: Everybody should know how to make lemonade Purpose Statement: To inform the Communication 101 class how to make a lemonade. Introduction 1. Attention Getter: My grandmother used to say everybody should know how to make delicious lemonade. 2. Audience Connection: But, how many of you really know how make lemonade? 3. Credibility. My name is Maria and I learned who to make lemonade when I was 4 years old: my grandmother taught me; since then, I have developed my own recipe and you bet I can make a killer lemonade. Transition: I believe that my grandmother was right: 4. Thesis. Everyone should know who to make delicious lemonade. 5. Preview In the next 4 minutes I am going to show you how to make amazing lemonade that will keep you fresh on summer. Body Transition: So let’s start with the basics: First… 1. Make sure you have these ingredients: 6 lemons, 1 cup of sugar, ½ tsp of salt, slices of lemons, water, honey, ice cubes and a pitcher. 2. Next, fill half of the pitcher with water and add the juice of 6 lemons. 3. After that, add to the mixture, 1 cup of sugar, ½ tps of salt and stir. The key ingredient that makes this lemonade so delicious is 1 tps of honey. Finally, stir everything together add the ice cubes, and the fresh slices of lemons. 4. The last step is, of course, pouring into a nice chilled glass and enjoy your delicious lemonade Transition: In summary… Conclusion Conclusion: I told you all ingredient and steps to make amazing lemonade Reinforcing statement: I hope my presentation inspired you to go home and try this great recipe yourself. Memorable closing: And remember: if life throws you lemons, make delicious

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