Unit 4 Per Diary

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Unit 4 Per Diary Describe your chosen activity P4.4 Last Monday on the 22nd October I carried out an activity where I made fruit kebabs with a group of five children. When I talked about the activity with my supervisor we mentioned how important it was to follow health and safety rules for example not giving children sharp knifes to use and plastic plates just in case a child drops a plate. Also another point we talked about was making sure a risk assessment was completed beforehand for the safety of the children, practitioner and myself. For example if a child falls and injures themselves I will had some sort proof that I did an risk assessment for example if I was working there it will be less likely that I would have put myself at risk of losing my job. Before I started the activity I did a starter activity with the children. I had 3 fruits an orange, apple and peach and I asked the children to describe what the fruit looked like, say the names of the fruit, say what they think the fruit tasted like, and get the children to feel the fruit. After the starter I set the table for the activity with the plates and knifes for each child. Then I washed a variety of fruits including apples, oranges, peaches, pears and grapes. I also explained that they were going to make their own favourite fruit kebabs and I remained each child what they need to do in order to prepare food and I asked each to wash their hands and put on aprons. Then I demonstrated how to make a fruit kebab. Then I invited the children to help prepare their fruit kebabs after the fruits had been chopped. Evaluate the effectiveness of the activity: P4.5/ P4.6 I thought that the activity went well because most of the children enjoyed the activity and had fun making the fruit kebabs. What I also found went well was most of the children enjoyed the taste of the different fruits there were

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