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Personal Branding Plan Paper MKT/421 Personal Branding Plan Paper My company provides the unique French pastry and cakes for exquisite customers who are tired of basic mainstream bakery goods. We do everything from scratch at the kitchen, with an exceptional presentational touch and flavor. I would like to have experience in working for several bakery companies, such as Jacques Fine European Pastries; Antiga Confeitaria de Lisboa in Lisbon Portugal; and Fleur de Pains, in Montreux Switzerland. Since I want to be an expert in French and other European exquisite pastry-making, bakery and cake-making, I do need to get my experience in places where the colors, flavors and textures are artistically created, using the best ingredients available.…show more content…
They present awards for the best wedding cakes since 2009 for the New Hampshire Bride; 2008 for the knot best wedding; café central magazine. As they say on their website:”…scored us a perfect 100 in their wedding cake category for New England” (Pastries, 2010). This company’s market is pretty defined. I would learn a lot, working there and be exposed to the art of making pastry and managing a business in the United States. Antiga Confeitaria de Lisboa would be a dream comes true, if I could have a position as a baker and learn the Portuguese pastry. In particular, the “Pasteis de Nata” or translated to English as Portuguese Custards. This is a traditional and probably one of the most famous Portuguese types of fine pastry, made with eggs tart pastry. According to the Top 10 Portugal website, this recipe has been kept in much secrecy throughout the history, the best place where tourists can enjoy its true flavor is still in Lisbon. (, 2014) Portugal is a country which I keep close to my heart, because it is the country of my parents, and majority of my family. The pastry and other desserts are part of my memories when I was young girl, living with my parents. There are many flavors and textures that I will never…show more content…
While on my military tour in Germany, during last two years, I had a great possibility to visit some of my family members in Switzerland regularly; and I did try, again, all the little desserts and pastries that my parents gave me. Now, I want to be able to recreate them. The best method for contacting these organizations would be a face-to-face meeting. For the Jacques Fine European Pastries, since it’s in the United States, it will be easier to go personally with my professionally-organized portfolio, and present all my education information and letters of recommendations. Face-to-face presentation is crucial, in order to capture the attention of the manager, or even the owner. In the overseas case, I would need to send a package with a presentation letter, my detailed portfolio, and all of my creative samples, certifications, and awards. It needs to be presented in a way that catches manager’s attention, to make them see something special in

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