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Running head: COSTING METHODS PAPER Costing Methods Paper Jane Doe University of Phoenix Accounting ACC/561 Barbara Kantor November 27, 2012 Costing Methods Paper Super Bakery, Inc. was founded by Franco Harris, formerly of the Pittsburgh Steelers, in 1990. The corporation supplies healthy, vitamin enriched doughnuts and other baked goods, out of an initial desire to make a difference in the institutional food market by targeting school systems nationwide (Kimmel, 2009). While, the company experiences positive growth since its inception, Super Bakery is at the point where it needs to explore a costing system that can establish a more accurate product costing method that can, at minimum, improve control of overhead costs. What strategies did the management of Super Bakery, Inc. use? Formed as a virtual corporation, Super Bakery designed a business model that performs key strategic planning and business functions in-house while outsourcing all manufacturing components as a cost reductions strategy. Super Bakery successfully maximizes profits by outsourcing all other components such as sales, manufacturing, warehousing, and shipping to external companies (All Business, 2012). As a result, Super Bakery watched its profits successfully grow, on an annual basis by 20%, since its inception in 1990. Why did Super Bakery’s management think it was necessary to install an ABC system? Super Bakery, Inc. believed it was necessary to install an Activity-Based-System to maximize costs by adopting a more effective allocation method, instead of following a traditional one-stage costing system that would be out-dated for this corporation. A traditional costing system, which allocating overhead costs using direct labor or machine hours as a standard would not be an efficient method to implement with the type of company

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