Com110 Lesson 4 Assignment

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1. Evaluate your listening by identifying the stage of listening where you need to make the most improvement. Describe the meaning of the stage to explain why this area most needs improvement by providing specific example(s). Out of the five stages of listening: Receiving, understanding, remembering, evaluating and responding, I need to improve mostly on remembering and responding. Remembering is the stage of listening defined by my ability to recall and retain the sender’s information. I seem to have poor recollection in conversation. I know that there are exercises that exist to help improve my memory and that I should put those into play. The other part of listening that I need to improve is responding. Responding is the area of listening that involves giving feedback or answering a question. I tend to give more feedback than is required. I imaging I am my subconsciously trying to control the conversation, but I need to be more aware of the other parties goals of the communication process. For instance, I can talk to my girlfriend about a topic and a few minutes into the conversation she can recall exactly what was said and I cannot. Like an argument about who’s turn it is to do the pamper change. I will have forgotten my argument as well as hers in a minute while she will remember every word. In the same manner, I respond to her information in length about why it isn’t my turn and give her way more feedback than is worthy of the conversation. 2. Describe a plan using at least three specific ideas from the textbook in Chapter 4 for how you will make an effort to improve your skills in the stage you identified in response to question 1. To improve my remembering I will repeat key points of the message to myself, I will take notes if appropriate and I will try to identify the major idea and the supported advances. In my attempt to improve the responding

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